Positive Solutions to Dealing with Tragedy and Pain

 1. Count your blessings
There are absolutely no guarantees in life, so it is extremely important to focus on your blessings everyday. Take some time every evening to focus on everything you are grateful for. It will bring meaning and substance to your life.
2. Trust your intuition
I am always talking to clients about tuning into their intuition. Do what you can now to fine tune your intuitive skills. Jot down when you get a gut feeling. Honor your feelings when something doesn’t feel quite right. Of course there will be things that happen in life that you have no control over, but trusting your instinct will give you back some power and peace of mind.
3. Give to others
When tragedy strikes, it is easy to feel helpless. Whenever you give to others, it lifts your mood and begins the healing. Can you raise money for a family? Can you donate some blood? Can you send some cards and kind words?