Life can be overwhelming at times. It’s during those difficult times that we need a support system to help us get through them. I am here for you, to facilitate growth and healing, help you resolve issues, overcome obstacles, build self-esteem, and offer you tools to bring about positive change so you can move forward to a more productive, content, and fulfilling life.

In my practice, I use several modalities and customize the approach that best suits you and what you want to accomplish through counseling. To learn more about the theories I draw from and modes of therapy I use, feel free to explore the “Therapies” page. I incorporate a client-centered, solution-focused, and strength-based approach to counseling.

It is important to find the right therapist for you. To gain a better understanding of who I am as a therapist, visit my “Testimonials” page.

Working through your thoughts and emotions can create a newfound freedom to be who you want to be. Experience the journey to a new life through self-discovery, change, healing, and growth, with a sense of self-acceptance, self-confidence, empowerment, meaning, direction, and purpose. Allow me to take you on this journey. You deserve to be happy, and I want to help you achieve happiness.



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Some of the most common discipline mistakes parents make and how to avoid them:

Losing Your Temper

When you habitually yell at your children, they can end up yelling back at you. Children are actually more responsive to calm requests and commands.

Disagreeing on Rules

Never disagree on discipline in front of your children. Parents must present a united front to their kids when enforcing rules. Otherwise, they will quickly learn how to “divide and conquer.”

Treating Children as Small Adults

Although you want your children to know that they are heard, you shouldn’t make the mistake of letting them have an equal say in the rules of the household. This is a parent/child relationship, not a democracy. As children get older, parents can explain the reasoning behind their decisions.


Bribery is not a healthy or effective form of motivation for children. You want your children to learn right from wrong regardless of whether or not there is a reward for behaving in an appropriate way.

Unhealthy Praise

Be careful of praising your children too much or too little. Appropriate praise can be healthy and build self-esteem, but if overused, it can leave a child feeling inadequate when he/she doesn’t receive it. Give affirmation for positive behavior and hopefully, your child will repeat the good behaviors that bring appreciation.

Inconsistent Discipline

It’s important that parents are consistent with discipline in order to avoid making their children confused about guidelines and consequences. For example, if action A leads to consequence B, it needs to do so all of the time.

Inappropriate Punishment

The punishment should be a natural and logical consequence of the punishable behavior. If the punishment isn’t fair, you can lose the opportunity to “teach” your child through the act of disciplining because your child’s focus will be on the unfair punishment.

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