I know life can be stressful and overwhelming. It’s easy to feel lost and alone, not knowing where to turn for help.  It’s during those times that I am here to offer you support and encouragement, while helping you get through the most difficult time in your life, to facilitate growth and emotional healing, to assist you in resolving issues, regaining control of your life, and providing you with tools to bring about positive change so you can move forward to a more productive, content, and fulfilling life. There are few challenges in life that I haven’t experienced.  Because I can relate to your situation, and understand what you are going through, I will help you overcome obstacles and get past your struggles.  There is no reason for you to go it alone.

Although I work with clients who come to me with issues regarding depression, anxiety, divorce recovery, grief and loss, phobias, and relationships (including premarital counseling), my specialties are PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and domestic violence. I use several life-changing techniques that yield permanent results in a very short time, in overcoming depression, PTSD (which can be caused by any traumatic event), anxiety, fears and addictions. To learn more about the theories I draw from and modes of therapy I use, click on the “Therapies” page (above).

Working through your thoughts and emotions can create a newfound freedom to be who you want to be. Experience the journey to a new life through self-discovery, positive change, emotional healing and growth, with a sense of self-acceptance, self-confidence, empowerment, meaning, direction, and purpose. Allow me to walk along side you on your journey. You deserve to be happy, and I want to help you achieve happiness.  Call now for a free consult, to see how I can help you today.  (720-291-5707)




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Four Simple Ways to Have Your Best Year Ever

1.  Start “in the beginning.” The first four opening words of the Bible—”In the beginning, God…”—will see you throughout the year. In all things, remember God at the start of each day, each project at work, each challenge you face, and you will have a wonderful time in the new year.

2. Practice the art of forgetting. Man is what he remembers, but man is also what he forgets. One of the healthiest things a human being can do is to become a master of forgetting. Whatever you do, don’t lug around your resentments, your hates, your frustrations, your disappointments, or your regrets into the new year. It is a great art to know how to forget. Drop it, skip it, let it go. Whatever it is, start anew.

3. Take hold of the new year and shake the life out of it. Drop the “T” off “forget” and forge ahead. Live one day at a time and take it as it comes. Live on the basis of “easy does it.” Don’t get too worked up about things. Just take them as they come.

4. Expect great things and put your life in God’s hands. Have high hopes, have great dreams, have great belief in yourself and God. See visions and believe in them. Believe that life is good and that it’s going to be better. You are very likely to get just what you expect.

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